A Reconstructed Mirror

A broken mirror

A distorted view

Is all that you seem to see

As you discuss

The shattered beauty you hold


Yet you keep looking

keep wondering

what everyone compliments

what they see is your beauty

and why it seems to never make it to

the reflection you see


But look again

Oh, I plead look a little closer

Past the beauty of the media

Past the beauty of Photoshop

Even past the glossy magazine cover


Look into those cracks

For in them you will see

the true beauty

that shone so bright

that weighed so much

that it fell in between the cracks of that mirror


The light weight flaws you saw

Floated to the top

Faced you up front

Taunted you

But when you bring the true beauty in the cracks

To the top

The flaws float away

And the only thing left?


The beauty that was always there

The beauty they all adored.


Fashion in the Summer

Summer is the best time to understand your own body more. The long days and hours that you have to yourself can easily be turned into time well spent going through your closet.

Pick the bad and try it on

All of us have clothes in our closets that we never wear because it gives us a weird shape or its color isn’t flattering on us. So why not try them on and write down what we don’t like about the way they look on us? Grab a paper and divide it into 3 columns. Title the columns article of clothing, description of shape it gives me, and why I don’t like it. These columns will help you understand more in depth why a particular cut dosen’t flatter your body shape. Moreover you can use this to find the cuts and color that compliment you.

Flaunt the flaws, Try something new

There isn’t a person in this world, who believes that they don’t have any flaws. However you don’t have to feel that your flaws limit you. Instead you need to find new ways to embrace your flaws with different cuts in clothes. For example, people with broad shoulders tend to steer towards clothes that cover up their shoulders, but this can make their shoulders seem even broader. Instead tops with cut-outs on the shoulder area can have a slimming effect, because they cut broader shoulders into pieces. If you have a long neck then try wearing short scarfs that you can tie into a cute knot. These will help break up the neck and make you look more elegant.



Inspirational fashion

    Everyday we make outfits for ourselves, which makes it easy for us to get into a rut. We begin to match the same clothes together and wear the same exact outfits. However there is a way to combat this. All you have to do is open your window and look outside.

     Whenever we create outfits we stare straight into an enclosed space; a closet. Our inspiration dwindles and we end up with the same boring outfits. But what if before you create an outfit you look outside at the weather or at a flower and then base your outfit on that?

Inspiration not mimicry

You want to take a part of nature and not mimic its color and shape completely. Instead look for the parts that you like about it and then put together clothing pieces in your wardrobe that give that same appeal. For instance if you like the way a flower spreads out its petals, then why not buy a flare skirt with a lot of volume? The shapes and colors in nature can be inspirational once you get the chance to study them

Weather and Feeling

The weather is constantly changing and so should the outfits you make. As you look at the thunderstorm going on outside your window aren’t you inspired to make an all gray outfit with a pop of a cool toned color? Well I am. Think about your favorite type of weather and what feelings it invokes in you. For instance for some people rain is calming and rhythmic, so a soft blue dress with a soft pink necklace could be inspired by rain.



  • Look for what the weather and parts of nature symbolize to you and how they make you feel.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside of the box.
  • Try to buy a variety of clothing styles, because you never know when you will be inspired.
  • The colors combinations in nature can be bizarre, but always seem to go together beautifully.

Confidence series

Growing up as a tall girl with a personality of someone, who is half her height was unique. Nevertheless there were days when I even feared looking in the mirror, because how I thought I looked and what I saw in the mirror never seemed to match. Years later I realized that they did match. The features that I feared are the features that are my strongest. The face I saw in the mirror had and has so much beauty. Yet I could not see it; I could not appreciate it because I was so fixated in looking like what the world adores.

Source of confidence

Often times when people are asked to describe confidence they relate it to the way a person walks or the way that they stand. However this is not the source of confidence, in fact they are only manifestations of confidence. In my opinion, confidence comes from the inside of a person. It is the ability to not look around to the world’s ever-changing views of beauty, but to feel beautiful everyday. To look in the mirror and see two beautiful features for ever so-called flaw that a person sees. As it draws people in towards you, it is empowering to both you and the people who come near.


“There are times when it may waver, but it is resilient.”