How to let nature inspire you

Look outside your window. Even if you only see one tree or one flower you are looking at nature; you are looking at something that can inspire you. Nature is constantly changing, but it always retains its beauty. It is also the one thing that I love to look at when I get stuck making an outfit. Each plant is a separate piece of nature, but when several of these pieces come together they form one unit. And the same should be true of the outfits you create. Each article of clothing should be able to stand alone and be a strong part of the outfit as a whole.

A flower as inspiration:

A flower gives a very feminine feel because of its soft petals and its bright color. Moreover it dances in the wind and bathes in the sun. Look at your favorite flower and write down the words that pop into your head. Then look at your closet and look for clothes with soft colors and lighter fabrics. Maybe a high waisted chiffon skirt that flows in the wind paired with a light colored crop top. Keep the jewelry simple and try to stay away from harsh metallic colors. As for shoes, look for something that isn’t chunky or too dark in color. Maybe you see a flower as something that is guarding its strength within its petals, so you make an outfit that has unique cuts and mystery in it. Nevertheless you allowed a flower to inspire you.


Our world has several different layers of beauty, all you have to do is look close enough.”


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