How to accesorize Rompers

Rompers are the current Summer fashion trend for good reasons. They are comfy and cute. Moreover they are compact, so they are great for people who travel alot and want to pack light. However because they are an entire outfit in one piece of clothing it becomes hard to find ways to accessorize it. But don’t get frustrated because this post is going to help you!


Accessorize with a blazer:

If you are looking to dress up a romper, but still look cute a blazer is what you are looking for. Most rompers hit people at the upper thigh, so your blazer should be long enough to hit at the same area. This will allow you to keep the rompers shape and fluidity. A shorter jacket looks choppy with a romper.
Go for lightweight fabrics and avoid thick leather. Thick leathers tend to look harsh when paired with rompers that have soft fabrics. If you do want to wear a jacket with leather choose a lighter leather.

Add a cardigan:

If you want to accessorize a romper, but not dress it up then try pairing it with a lightweight cardigan. For example a lace cardigan or a crochet cardigan looks great with romper. They flow in the breeze because of how loose they are, so they match the fluidity of the romper. Also crochet and lace cardigans allow the pattern on the romper to be seen unlike a blazer that covers it up.

Add a heel, add some height:

With a flowy romper your upper body will look a little wider, so to make your body look balanced you want a shoe that is narrower. Strappy heels that are open toed or Pointy heels look great with Rompers. I would avoid bulky shoes like ankle boots that add width to your legs. If you want to wear a thicker heeled shoes try to find one with an ankle strap. Ankle straps help your ankles look smaller and balances out well with the thicker heel.

For wider necklines:

Several rompers are off the shoulder and although this can add width and structure to your shoulders it can also make you look wider on top. To counterbalance this you want a necklace that stays closer to your neck like a choker. These necklaces add length to your neck and make your neck look more narrower, so that your shoulders look smaller.


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