A Reconstructed Mirror

A broken mirror

A distorted view

Is all that you seem to see

As you discuss

The shattered beauty you hold


Yet you keep looking

keep wondering

what everyone compliments

what they see is your beauty

and why it seems to never make it to

the reflection you see


But look again

Oh, I plead look a little closer

Past the beauty of the media

Past the beauty of Photoshop

Even past the glossy magazine cover


Look into those cracks

For in them you will see

the true beauty

that shone so bright

that weighed so much

that it fell in between the cracks of that mirror


The light weight flaws you saw

Floated to the top

Faced you up front

Taunted you

But when you bring the true beauty in the cracks

To the top

The flaws float away

And the only thing left?


The beauty that was always there

The beauty they all adored.


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