Inspirational fashion

    Everyday we make outfits for ourselves, which makes it easy for us to get into a rut. We begin to match the same clothes together and wear the same exact outfits. However there is a way to combat this. All you have to do is open your window and look outside.

     Whenever we create outfits we stare straight into an enclosed space; a closet. Our inspiration dwindles and we end up with the same boring outfits. But what if before you create an outfit you look outside at the weather or at a flower and then base your outfit on that?

Inspiration not mimicry

You want to take a part of nature and not mimic its color and shape completely. Instead look for the parts that you like about it and then put together clothing pieces in your wardrobe that give that same appeal. For instance if you like the way a flower spreads out its petals, then why not buy a flare skirt with a lot of volume? The shapes and colors in nature can be inspirational once you get the chance to study them

Weather and Feeling

The weather is constantly changing and so should the outfits you make. As you look at the thunderstorm going on outside your window aren’t you inspired to make an all gray outfit with a pop of a cool toned color? Well I am. Think about your favorite type of weather and what feelings it invokes in you. For instance for some people rain is calming and rhythmic, so a soft blue dress with a soft pink necklace could be inspired by rain.



  • Look for what the weather and parts of nature symbolize to you and how they make you feel.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside of the box.
  • Try to buy a variety of clothing styles, because you never know when you will be inspired.
  • The colors combinations in nature can be bizarre, but always seem to go together beautifully.

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