Confidence series

Growing up as a tall girl with a personality of someone, who is half her height was unique. Nevertheless there were days when I even feared looking in the mirror, because how I thought I looked and what I saw in the mirror never seemed to match. Years later I realized that they did match. The features that I feared are the features that are my strongest. The face I saw in the mirror had and has so much beauty. Yet I could not see it; I could not appreciate it because I was so fixated in looking like what the world adores.

Source of confidence

Often times when people are asked to describe confidence they relate it to the way a person walks or the way that they stand. However this is not the source of confidence, in fact they are only manifestations of confidence. In my opinion, confidence comes from the inside of a person. It is the ability to not look around to the world’s ever-changing views of beauty, but to feel beautiful everyday. To look in the mirror and see two beautiful features for ever so-called flaw that a person sees. As it draws people in towards you, it is empowering to both you and the people who come near.


“There are times when it may waver, but it is resilient.”




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