How to shop Wisely

Shopping can be one of the hardest things to do and also the most fun.

Know a stores set up: Every store has an organization that is optimized to make its customers buy more, but feel that its for a good price. The front of stores usually has new arrivals or things that are currently trending. The sale and clearance area is usually towards the back, which is why i shop from the back of the store to the front.  Most stores have clothes with  a simialr aura or feeling in one area. For example clothes with leather and darker tones tend to be in one area and clothes with lace and light colors are together. So try not to get stuck in one area of a store, because your closet will begin to have clothes that all look the same. 

Quality v.s Quantity: There has been along debate on whether you should more variety of clothes or few clothes of good quality. In my opinion both are wrong. I recommend doing both, if a clothing is a basic essential like a tank top then having different colors and lengths is perfect. On the other hand every closet needs a few pieces that are unique and are good quality, so you know it will last a while. So just do both. If its a basic clothing then get a variety of them and then buy a few pricier pieces. That way your closet has a nice balance of quantity and quality.



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