Love your Features – Broad shoulders

I know about broad shoulders all to well because I have had them all my life. I used to have a complex about them because I felt that they made my overall body frame look wide, but then I started thinking positively. I am going to show you how to love your broad shoulders.


You don’t look like a Football player: 

This is probably the number one thing girls with broad shoulders say, but it’s not true. Broad shoulders don’t make you look manly, instead they add a stronger feminine look to you. It can even elongate your overall body frame and make your waist appear smaller in proportion to your hip giving you an hourglass figure.


What your doing wrong:

If you feel that your broad shoulders make you look bad then you are probably not wearing the right clothes. I don’t believe that because of our features we are limited to wear certain clothes, instead I believe that you can wear anything all you have to do is alter it a little bit.

  1. Thin straps: This is often seen as a major “no” when you have broad shoulders, but when you pair thin straps with a bottom that flares out or adds volume to your hips it looks great. Because you are balancing your broad shoulders with wider hips.
  2. Padded Blazers: I am a strong lover of blazers because they add this sleekness to any outfit, but many people with broad shoulders say it makes them look boxy. I would recommend a blazer with a small amount of padding and in a bright color paired with a pencil skirt to help elongate your frame. Or if you want to slim down your shoulders try a darker color.
  3. Boxy tops: This might just scream “no!” because you don’t want to add anymore boxyiness to your shoulders, but I am going to prove you wrong. A boxy top paired with loose joggers or any other soft pants gives the shoulders a softer more rounded look. Make sure the top flares away from you and stops slightly above the top of the pants.

Broad Shoulders add Structure and Strength to your frame as long as you create a balance, so Love them.



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