How to refresh your wardobe

We all go through that ” boring outfit” phase in our wardrobe when all of outfits are bland and repetitive. I am going to show you how I refresh my wardrobe when this happens without going out and buying a whole new closet of clothes.


1.Go through your closet:

Often times we have clothes in are closet that we have forgotten about because we never see it. I take out all the clothes in my closet and put it on my bed. Then I sort through and make piles of stuff I want to keep and what I haven’t worn in a long time. This allows my closet to not get too congested with clothes I am not wearing and if anything has holes or rips in it I usually notice when I do this.

2. Look at textures and colors:

Every outfit needs a little color or texture to make it pop. Even if the outfit is only one color you can make it unique by doing different shades of that one color. I look at all my clothes and try to figure out different ways to match textures by the personality or aura they might have. For example leather gives the feeling of boldness, blunt, and strength while tulle gives the feeling of softness. flowy, and cute so often times when they are paired together one out shines the other, so the textures don’t compliment each other. If you do want to wear to textures that naturally compete with one another than make sure to balance the ratios by putting more of the softer texture and less of the harder texture.

3. Make unique pairings:

This is where the fun starts. It is really easy to just pick a dress and put the same blazer on top each time, but that creates the same outfit each time. Instead, try to pair an a dress or top with different jeans or a different blazer and see how they coordinate. If you can’t find a different pairing for something then change-up the jewelry to create a different look. I recommend starting with a simple outfit like a black dress then changing up the accessories. You could pair a black dress with a pink blazer and white heels to create a soft elegant look or you could pair it with a red blazer and black heels to create a bold look. You just took one dress and created two entirely different looks without spending a dime.

4. Organize closet by how you get dressed:

Now that you have some unique parings you have to reorganize your closet to fit you. Ask yourself this: When you make an outfit what piece of clothing do you choose first? I tend to choose my tops and dresses first so all of my tops are in the front of my closet and my dresses hang the front tack. Then I choose a jacket or blazer, which hang right next to my dresses. You want to make sure that all of your clothes are visible and that they are in order by how you create outfits. my outerwear


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