Love your features: Your Height

Confidence is a large part of fashion because it is what turns fabric sewn together to fashion. Having confidence in your features may seem hard, but I hope this post helps you out a little.

My Story:

I am currently 5″11 and have been tall all of my life. I never really noticed my height until middle school when the height difference was very obvious. I started to think that maybe if I was shorter I would be prettier and cuter. I would often bend my knees instead of standing straight to make myself look shorter. I thought that people felt uncomfortable around me because of my height, but I was severally wrong. My friends and even strangers would come up to me and just stare in awe at my height and tell me I need to model. Even my guy friends were constantly competing with each other on who would be taller than me first. This brought me confidence and allowed me to embrace my height.


Ok, enough about me now let’s get into how you can gain confidence in your beautiful height.

Surround yourself with positive people:

One of the major things that brought me confidence was my friends, because they never let me feel that my height was a flaw. They complimented me and made me feel beautiful. Friends are a large part of who you are and can influence you for the better or for the worst. Being around people who see your height as beautiful will help you accept your height as something beautiful.

Dont compare yourself:

One of the things I regret the most was thinking that being shorter would make me prettier because it really wouldn’t have. My personality, confidence, and fashion style are all based on my height. It’s what makes me unique and makes me stand out.My advice is to never compare yourself because that just brings you down. Everyone has striking features that compliment their other features and make them look different, which is exactly what your height is. Personally my proportions would not look right if I was shorter, mainly because of my massive thighs.

Stand Tall: 

It is very easy to bend your knees in attempt to appear shorter, but that simply messes up your posture and you don’t look that much shorter. Instead stand straight and walk with confidence because that will compliment your height and make you look elegant. As a tall person you naturally have an elegant and confident aura around you so flaunt it. Put your shoulders back, straighten those long beautiful legs, and keep your head high because there is nothing more beautiful than confidence.

Clothing problems fixed: 

My legs are around 42 inches long, so I know the trouble of trying to find pants to reach my ankles all to well. There are several ways to combat this though. If pants aren’t long enough I just roll them up and make it look like they were supposed to be that length. If tops are too short I wear high-waisted jeans or shorts and throw a lightweight cardigan on. If blazers and cardigans arent long enough to fit my long arms (my arms almost touch my knees, crazy right!) I just fold up the sleeves to a little below elbow length. There are also stores that have sections for taller people, so you can shop there.

Dont just like your Height, Love your Height, Embrace It, and Flaunt It.


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