How to find your Style

Dont try to put yourself into a Fashion group

  • Often times its easy to say I like black clothes so my style is Gothic, which I highly advice you to avoid. Each person has a fashion style unique to themselves because to each person clothes mean a different thing. You might wear black, because it flatters your skin tone whole another person wears black because to them it’s a strong color with an elegance to it, 2 different reasons but the same color.

  Look at your closet and Yourself

  • Your closet is full of clothes that you like so all you have to do is find similar characteristics in all of them. If you cant find any similarities then probably like me when you dress you create different personas, so your clothes differ heavily from each other.  Then look at what you gravitate towards when you go shopping and why you decide to buy it. What do you think when you see it or what emotions do you feel?

This isn’t the only post on this topic, So look forward to more!


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