Back to School

Its the end of Summer and the start of a new school year. I hope your excited for school to start. Here are some tips to accessorize uniforms to make you stand out in the class without looking overdone.



  1. School pants can often be boring, but you can change that by simply rolling them up or pin tucking them. This looks great if you are wearing flats or if your pants are at that awkward above the ankle length.
  2. Uniform Shirts are plain lets be honest. Try adding a cardigan with a colorful print that coordinates with the color of your uniform shirt (Need some color combinations check out the page color coordination). Try even adding a colorful scarf.
  3. Jewelry is a big way to add some personality to your outfit. Look for earrings and bracelets that have something unique about them and aren’t plain. Forever21 has cute stud earring sets for cheap.
  4.  Don’t be afraid to rock a crazy hairstyle to school. I have worn pompadours, Curly Afro Mohawks, and giant buns to school and get loads of compliments.
  5. If your going to wear makeup keep it light and simple. I would recommend BB cream instead of foundation because it is light and looks very natural.
    1. Elf, Nars, and black radiance all of wonderful BB cream.

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